Frequently Asked Questions

Speakers - FAQs
  • What AV equipment do I need to bring?
  • All speakers are asked to use PowerPoint, Keynote or other presentation software for their talk. Both Macintosh and Windows laptops with PowerPoint and Keynote software will be provided during the sessions for displaying your presentation. If you wish to use your own laptop, be sure it has a VGA Port or you have your VGA adapter (Click for details). If you do not wish to bring your laptop, put your presentation on one of the following media: CD or USB removable drive. We cannot guarantee the quality of your presentation if you do not bring these materials.

  • Do speakers reserve their own lodging?
  • Yes, Speakers must arrange and pay for their own lodging, air travel and ground transportation. Specify you are a speaker when making lodging arrangements with the resort. You are encouraged to make lodging arrangements early, as space is limited. The value of one nights' lodging will be required to make reservations.

  • As a speaker, what am I responsible for?
  • 1) Speakers arrange and pay for their air travel, ground transportation and lodging.

    2) Speakers submit an abstract outlining their presentation.

    3) Speaker presentations are generally 20-25 minutes of lecture time and 5–10 minutes for Q & A for a total of 30-35 minutes at the podium. Timing of Short Talks will be determined by the number of presentations chosen per session.

    4) Speakers prepare a visual presentation to complement their oral presentation. Presentations should use Power Point, Keynote, or similar presentation software. Be sure to bring your laptop and all necessary cords and accessories or save your presentation on a CD or USB removable drive.

    5) Keystone Symposia Organizers encourage all speakers to participate for the entire meeting, especially during poster sessions that provide the opportunity for interaction with attendees, students and young investigators.

  • I have special speaker needs...who do I talk to?
  • If you have special needs, contact Program Development at, +1 970-262-2682 or +1 970-262-2661.